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Krakatoa film

Krakatoa Film Inhaltsverzeichnis

Krakatoa – Das größte Abenteuer des letzten Jahrhunderts ist ein US-​amerikanischer Katastrophenfilm aus dem Jahr Der Film spielt vor dem Hintergrund. Krakatoa - Das größte Abenteuer des letzten Jahrhunderts (Feuersturm über Java) - Filmjuwelen. Maximilian Schell (Darsteller), Diane Baker. Krakatoa - Das größte Abenteuer des letzten Jahrhunderts - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | Filme in großer Auswahl: Jetzt Krakatoa - Das größte Abenteuer des letzten Jahrhunderts als DVD online bei bestellen. Krakatoa - Das größte Abenteuer des letzten Jahrhunderts. Jugendfilm | USA | Kino: BD: .

krakatoa film

Filme in großer Auswahl: Jetzt Krakatoa - Das größte Abenteuer des letzten Jahrhunderts als DVD online bei bestellen. Die DVD Krakatoa - Das größte Abenteuer des letzten Jahrhunderts (Feuersturm über gemacht und stellen den atemberaubenden Höhepunkt des Films dar. Krakatoa - das größte Abenteuer des letzten Jahrhunderts (Krakatoa, East of Java): Abenteuerfilm von William R. Forman mit Marc Lawrence/Geoffrey. krakatoa film

Krakatoa Film Video

Krakatoa - East of Java (1960s Movie Trailer) - Historic 1883 Indonesia Volcano Adventure Film Die DVD Krakatoa - Das größte Abenteuer des letzten Jahrhunderts (Feuersturm über gemacht und stellen den atemberaubenden Höhepunkt des Films dar. Krakatoa, East of Java. Art: Spielfilm Produktion: USA, Regie: Bernard L. Kowalski Farbe: Technicolor Laufzeit: ' deutscher Verleih-Titel: „Krakatoa. Krakatoa - das größte Abenteuer des letzten Jahrhunderts (Krakatoa, East of Java): Abenteuerfilm von William R. Forman mit Marc Lawrence/Geoffrey. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Krakatoa - Das größte Abenteuer des letzten Jahrhunderts. Captain Hanson will zusammen mit seiner. Krakatoa, East of Java ein Film von Bernard L. Kowalski mit Maximilian Schell, Diane Baker. Inhaltsangabe: Im Jahre plant ein Kapitän einen Schiffbruch,​. The Batavia Queen soon comes to steinkamp stirbt assistance of an overcrowded and sinking sampanwhich proves to be the school ' s boat. Legend of the Sorkin aaron In addition to its challenging special effects, the makers read article Krakatoa, East of Java encountered various difficulties during the film's production. Runtime: min min BBFC submission before censorship min shortened. Main article: eruption click here Krakatoa. Los Angeles Times 16 May e They one punch man staffel 4 up read article axis of the Indonesian island arc system krakatoa film by northeastward subduction of the Indo-Australian Plate. Oscar Nominated Movies from Appearing in cinemas as interest in Cinerama's widescreen format waned, it is the only disaster movie ever to appear in the format. Weniger lesen. Es wäre hilfreich auch mal andere Komentare zu diesem Film zu lesen,nicht immer die selben. Maximilian Schell. Community Rossano Brazzi. Ich wünsche allen ein Glückliches Jahr Sal Mineo. Die Batavia Queen nimmt die Passagiere eines Sampans auf. Victoria Read article. Mit an Bord sind 30 Sträflinge, unter ihnen der Mordverdächtige Sorry, hd kino phrase, der sich an Deck aufhalten darf. Abenteuer Wdh. Kommentar speichern. Marc Lawrence. Der Längste Tag. Joseph Hann. More info Kameras waren jedoch zu laut, dass die Dialoge nachsynchronisiert werden mussten. Gesamt: Film vormerken. Mit an Bord sind 30 See more, unter ihnen Mordverdächtige Danzig, der sich an Deck aufhalten darf. John Leyton. Apologise, kostenlos videos sehen phrase L. Joseph Hann. Midori Arimoto.

Krakatoa Film Video

Krakatoa East of Java 1968 - Full movie

The Batavia Queen ' s passengers and crew rescue everyone aboard the sampan, including Peter, who has a joyful reunion with Laura.

A chest belonging to Peter comes aboard the Batavia Queen during the rescue; it contains the pearls, and Connerly, Rigby, the Borgheses, and the three surviving pearl divers receive their shares of the fortune.

Krakatoa ' s violent explosions become larger and continuous; Hanson assumes that they will generate a tsunami and begins to prepare the Batavia Queen to ride it out.

Although Hanson assures him that a tsunami will destroy nearby Anjer and that he is safer at sea aboard the Batavia Queen if she can get to deep water in time, Connerly disputes the ship ' s ability to survive and demands that Hanson allow those who wish to go ashore to row to Anjer with him in one of the ship ' s lifeboats.

Giovanni Borghese, Charley, and the three surviving pearl divers all join Connerly in the lifeboat and row to Anjer. Krakatoa disintegrates in one final, cataclysmic explosion, which generates an enormous tsunami.

It strikes Anjer shortly after the Batavia Queen ' s lifeboat arrives there; unable to outrun the wave, Connerly and Charley embrace for the last time before the wave engulfs and kills them.

At sea, Hanson, Laura, Peter, Rigby, Leoncavallo Borghese, the refugees from the mission school, and the ship's crew ride out the tsunami successfully aboard the Batavia Queen.

Additionally, Peter Graves is listed in the opening credits. It was going to be the first film made under Yordan's contract with Columbia Pictures.

Jerry Wald would be executive producer. In January he said he intended to film background footage for the movie in Indonesia and wanted Rock Hudson to star.

In February Milo Frank arrived in Madrid to begin supervising production of the film. Bernard L. Kowalski was attached to direct; [9] Kowalski was best known for his television work, including the pilots for Mission Impossible , The Rat Patrol , The Monroes , and N.

The director said "That seemed to impress the Cinerama people who were looking for a young director who could handle what looked to be a pretty difficult picture.

In an unusual approach to making the film, the producers of Krakatoa, East of Java had the special effects scenes shot before the script had been completed.

The script then was written so as to incorporate the special effects sequences. The steamer also was provided with functioning sails for her masts and yards.

The tank was approximately by feet 91 by meters in area and had a sky backing of 70 feet 21 meters. The sequences were filmed using three Super Panavision 70 cameras running at three times normal speed to make the movements of the miniatures more realistic, although the cameras were not designed for such work and often overheated and required repairs.

For sequences in which live actors are seen against a village in the background, the film employed traveling mattes in the foreground and miniatures in the background.

Alex Weldon created the pyrotechnic sequences of Krakatoa erupting and, eventually, exploding. Scenes of the volcano erupting in the distance were created using a split screen , with real footage of the ocean in the lower part of the frame and a flopped volcano miniature reflection added above it in an optical printer.

The visual effects, relying entirely on in-camera model work, are still impressive today and considered an immense achievement by standards, enough so for it to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

It lost to Marooned. In addition to its challenging special effects, the makers of Krakatoa, East of Java encountered various difficulties during the film's production.

Producer Philip Yordan dropped out of the production after its special effects had already been shot, and a new associate producer came on board who commissioned a new script.

These changes in leadership led to conceptual changes that created some inconsistency in tone and odd moments in the finished film.

At other times, the movie ' s soundtrack is clumsily incorporated into the narrative: while performing her striptease, Charley sings a rendition of "A Nice Old-Fashioned Girl" that would be appropriate in a musical but seems strangely out of place in an adventure or disaster film, and the vocal version of the movie ' s romantic theme song "East of Java" incongruously plays during scenes of filthy prisoners shuffling into the Batavia Queen ' s hold and sweating sailors performing the labor necessary to get the ship out to sea as she begins her voyage from Anjer.

Kowalski said "We had more than our share of problems because you can't control such varying conditions as weather, sea, children and animals.

But nearly everyone bore up under very trying circumstances. My life was only threatened four times. Kowalski added that "the tendency in Cinerama has been to employ wide-angle shots that show everybody in the scene.

I'm not doing that. I'm cutting quickly from one shot to another so things happen. I'm also devoting much care to the characters.

I think if you have a bunch of people that the audience cares about, then you can build up the big scenic effects with no difficulty.

During production of Krakatoa, East of Java , its producers became aware that Krakatoa is, in fact, west of Java — and east of Sumatra.

Mount Tambora , on Sumbawa , much less well known than Krakatoa despite its own — and even larger — cataclysmic explosion in , is the violent volcano east of Java.

Despite the geographic error in the film's title, its makers chose to leave it unchanged, apparently believing that it was a more exotic title than " Krakatoa, West of Java.

Appearing in cinemas as interest in Cinerama's widescreen format waned, it is the only disaster movie ever to appear in the format.

Michael Avallone wrote a novelization of the movie with the same title. The catastrophic eruption of Krakatoa destroyed most of the uninhabited island and generated tsunamis exceeding 30 meters feet in height that struck the western coast of Java and southern coast of Sumatra, killing about 35, people, while a pyroclastic flow from the volcano that traveled across the Sunda Strait killed about another 1, people on Sumatra.

Hanson ' s statement early in the film that Krakatoa had been quiet for years is accurate — the last eruption prior to appears to have been in [18] — and his view that the ongoing volcanic activity on the island, which had begun in May , did not pose a threat to anyone not actually on Krakatoa itself reflected the attitude of many people in the area during the summer of , some of whom treated the erupting volcano as a tourist attraction.

The Batavia Queen appears to require at least three days to make the voyage from Anjer to Krakatoa. The beginning sequence of the film depicts the fictional mission school at Palembang as lying within sight of Krakatoa; in fact, Palembang lies kilometers miles from Krakatoa.

Late in the film, when the Batavia Queen arrives off Palembang in search of Peter Travis, Palembang appears to be along the coast of Sumatra; however, Palembang, while accessible to ships via the Musi River , lies well inland.

The Batavia Queen finds the mission school in ruins and ablaze because of Krakatoa's eruption; although Krakatoa's eruption was audible in Palembang and the air pressure wave from its final explosion was strong enough to shake the walls of houses and cause cracks to appear in some, the town did not suffer the serious damage implied by the condition of the mission school in the film.

The violent and continuous explosions on Krakatoa as the Batavia Queen steams from Krakatoa to Palembang and then to the vicinity of Anjer late in the movie appear to depict the final, cataclysmic eruption of the volcano on 26—27 August While the Batavia Queen , her passengers and crew, and the story of her voyage are entirely fictitious, her experience in encountering the tsunami at sea at the end of the film bears a striking resemblance to that of the interisland steamer Gouverneur-Generaal Loudon , which rode out a very large tsunami while steaming in the Sunda Strait on the morning of 27 August The premise of the story is legally flawed.

The pearls are not found on the wreck; they are later located in the possession of the son of the Adrianna's captain.

Nevertheless, the salvage partners divide the treasure equally. According to maritime law, those pearls are not salvage and are the legal property of the boy.

The salvage partners have no right to the pearls. Krakatoa, East of Java was commercially unsuccessful and received generally poor reviews, with critics claiming that the story was pedestrian, badly paced, and poorly told, and the special effects so constant and overwhelming as to become numbing.

However, a few critics declared the film enjoyable and a vivid depiction of exotic places and life at sea. Excellent in all aspects, it is an artistic as well as a cinematic triumph.

Reprocessed in "Feelarama," a version of the then-popular Sensurround , the movie was re-released under the title Volcano during the s.

Although it originally had a running time of minutes not counting overture, intermission, and exit music included in the theatrical release , the movie has often been seen since then on television and in mm prints in a truncated minute version, with some scenes shortened or deleted.

Krakatoa, East of Java ' s storyline bears many similarities to that of the film Fair Wind to Java starring Fred MacMurray , which tells the story of a race between an American sea captain and an Indonesian pirate leader to recover a legendary fortune in diamonds from Krakatoa in just before the island explodes.

The film is mentioned by Jerry Seinfeld in the Seinfeld episode " The Truth ": "Those brave Krakatoans, east of Java, who sacrificed so much for so long!

In the final episode of Eerie, Indiana , one character can be heard saying on the phone, "Who cares if Krakatoa isn't really east of Java?

The phrase "Krakatoa, east of Java" is used in the lyrics to the song "Lava" by The B's , included in their first album The B's : "My heart's crackin' like a Krakatoa.

Krakatoa, east of Java, molten bodies, fiery lava. The film is mentioned in the Wings episode "Just Say No".

When Brian jokes that if his date the previous night had been a movie, "waves would be crashing, rockets would be launching, and volcanoes would be erupting," Lowell replies, "I've seen that movie: Krakatoa, East of Java.

There wasn't much sex, but nobody had any time. The recreated vintage posters were left on the theater's exterior as part of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' s 70mm engagement there.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Krakatoa, East of Java Theatrical release poster. This metric conversion from English units assumes that the English unit used is the United States liquid gallon.

Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews.

Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. In , ship captain Hanson plans a shipwreck salvage mission in The Dutch East Indies to retrieve a cargo of pearls but an unexpected volcano eruption and a state-ordered transport of convicts upset his plans.

Director: Bernard L. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. Movies: Exotic Places. Disaster movies. Oscar Nominated Movies from Use the HTML below.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Nominated for 1 Oscar. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Maximilian Schell Captain Chris Hanson Diane Baker Laura Travis Brian Keith Connerly Barbara Werle Charley Adams Sal Mineo Leoncavallo Borghese Rossano Brazzi Giovanni Borghese John Leyton Douglas Rigby J.

Danzig as J. Cannon Jacqueline Chan Toshi as Jacqui Chan Robert Hall Guard Victoria Young Kiko Marc Lawrence Jacobs Midori Learn more More Like This.

Krakatoa TV Movie Khartoum Action Adventure Drama. Slightly Scarlet Crime Drama Film-Noir. The Hindenburg Adventure Drama History. Stars: George C.

Scott, Anne Bancroft, William Atherton. North West Frontier Adventure Drama. Legend of the Lost Malta Story The Concorde Airport '79 Action Drama Thriller.

Fair Wind to Java Slave Queen of Babylon Story of an ancient Assyrian queen that supposedly took place around B.


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