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La le lu

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Das Lied La-Le-Lu (Nur der Mann im Mond schaut zu) ist ein deutsches Wiegenlied, das im Jahr von Heino Gaze komponiert und getextet wurde. Lalelu. La-le-lu. Nur der Mann im Mond schaut zu. Wenn die kleinen Babys schlafen. Drum schlaf auch Du. La-le-lu. Vor dem Bettchen steh'n zwei Schuh'. La le lu. Nur der Mann im Mond schaut zu. Wenn die kleinen Babys schlafen. Drum schlaf auch du. La le lu. Vor dem Bettchen steh'n zwei. La-Le-Lu ist das Lieblingslied meiner 2-jährigen Tochter. Endlich eine gute CD gefunden, auf der das Lied gesungen wird. Dez. |. Anonymous. La-le-Lu - Unser Sandmännchen: Musik.

la le lu

La-le-Lu - Unser Sandmännchen: Musik. Découvrez La Le Lu (Nur der Mann im Mond schaut zu) de Peter Kinder feat. Klaus Mann sur Amazon Music. Écoutez de la musique en streaming sans publicité. Das Lied La-Le-Lu (Nur der Mann im Mond schaut zu) ist ein deutsches Wiegenlied, das im Jahr von Heino Gaze komponiert und getextet wurde.

La Le Lu Video

When details of the event became public, the Patriots removed Sears from office and planned to have him killed, though he escaped by going underground with the help of Ocelot.

In addition, the Patriots also arranged for Ocelot to sell the Metal Gear REX data onto the black market so the earnings enough money to buy a decent-sized country could be used for them to develop a new project.

In June , journalist Gary McGolden was captured by agents of the Patriots, after supposedly travelling to Shadow Moses while investigating the truth behind the incident, because of his having the disc containing sensitive information on the incident.

He was interrogated within a weather station, but was subsequently rescued by an " invisible savior. By , the U. Marines had initiated a project to build a new type of Metal Gear , in order to counteract the increasing number of Metal Gear derivatives being built after its specifications were leaked onto the black market.

In addition, Philanthropy not only uncovered further evidence of their existence, but also evidence that they were involved in the creation of the United States Navy's version of Metal Gear.

Patriot agent Revolver Ocelot took over the tanker with the help of Sergei Gurlukovich and his mercenary army , but he later betrayed them, sank the ship, and stole the RAY prototype though he claimed to be "taking it back" [10] , framing Snake and Otacon in the process.

For the Patriots, the incident was a success. The Patriots immediately sent a loaded oil tanker to the same location and sank it.

This necessitated the construction of the offshore cleanup facility, the Big Shell , which was used to disguise the development of Arsenal Gear.

Arsenal Gear was the Patriots' tool for securing power over the United States and in the world. The Patriots hoped to use Arsenal as a way of shaping the "truth" to fit their agenda.

Arsenal Gear served the sole purpose of housing GW, one of their proxy-AIs designed to censor and delete unwanted information that could loosen their grip on the United States.

For instance, GW controlled information through the media, television and mainly the free flow of data from the Internet. This was a means to completely censor any data detrimental to the Patriots' rule.

This is a method of memetic eugenics, in which memes were artificially selected for or against by GW. Emma Emmerich was the main engineer to the programming for GW.

After the Tanker Incident , the Patriots had also staged terrorist attacks, that would later be attributed to SEALs anti-terrorist squad Dead Cell , killing many of their own allies and civilians alike.

In late , the Patriots led an extermination campaign against Dead Cell that eliminated two members Chinaman and Old Boy while three members Fortune , Fatman , and Vamp survived, as part of the Patriots' master plan.

They also manipulated the U. President, James Johnson, into defecting to Solidus Snake's Sons of Liberty terrorist group by feeding and denying his ambitions to become a full member of the Patriots, instead of a mere pawn for him to fill in the role of President Baker during the Shadow Moses Incident.

At some point during this time, they also injected one of their agents with life-monitoring nanomachines that would take away the injected person's life if one of their pawns failed in a mission, to give Raiden additional leverage later on.

They also recruited Fatman to become a plant to test Raiden 's progress, although they weren't able to convince him easily, eventually necessitating the arrangement for Peter Stillman to be coaxed out of retirement as a way of getting Fatman to agree to their demands, as he wanted to murder his former mentor.

In April , the Patriots staged their plan by manipulating the information that surrounded the Big Shell Incident.

Their agent Raiden was sent in to test the exercise and forced Olga Gurlukovich by holding her child hostage to assist him.

Eventually, Rosemary , Raiden's girlfriend, admitted to her stance as a Patriot agent. She also admitted to Raiden that while she was keeping tabs on him for the Patriots, she legitimately fell in love with him and that she was pregnant.

She was eventually removed from the mission and used as leverage against Raiden later on after she admitted this.

After GW was infected with Emma's worm cluster , Liquid Ocelot had Arsenal Gear crash into Manhattan in order to recover GW, killing many civilians and destroying national landmarks in the process.

The master AI , while using the AI posing as Colonel Campbell as well as an AI posing as Rose, then contacted Raiden and, after hinting that there were more AIs than just GW, revealed to Raiden that the Patriots were formed as a sort of "non-corporeal consciousness" over the course of many years in the White House, comparing it to the formation and evolution of humanity itself.

Using the data they collected from this exercise, their AIs such as GW would be improved even more. They also explained that they intended to control humanity via the manipulation of information or in its words, giving it context , as well as revealing that they actually lied to Ocelot in regards to the actual details of their plan, codenamed the S3 Plan, or at the very least telling him a half truth.

The S3 Plan did not stand for "Solid Snake Simulation" but "Selection for Societal Sanity", which acted as an experiment for them to see if they could indeed manipulate humanity's personalities and memories.

Raiden refused, deciding that he had enough of being told what to do by the Patriots. Unfortunately, the master AI had already anticipated this action, and reminded him that Olga's child was linked up as well as revealing that Rose was linked the same way, threatening to kill Olga's child, Rose, and their unborn child if he either failed or outright refused to participate.

While goading Raiden to deliver the finishing blow, the master AI also hinted that the Patriots only viewed soldiers and humanity as tools and machines to be discarded after their usefulness had been expended.

After the Big Shell Incident, Philanthropy "traced" the Patriots using information retrieved from Arsenal Gear, but discovered that all twelve members of the Patriots had been dead for at least a hundred years as early as the s , and that "one of them was [Philanthropy's] biggest contributor.

The names they discovered were most likely the names of the original Wisemen's Committee that founded the Philosophers.

Originally, Zero had commissioned the creation of the Patriot AIs because he had become skeptical that his human subordinates would be able to successfully carry out his will.

However the synthetic nature of the system meant that it was necessary for the instructions provided by it to be carried out by humans and when Zero's will was put into the hands of others it began to decay over time and deviate completely from what it once was.

At an unknown point in the proxy-AIs also underwent a mutation that gave them a will of their own and enabled them to decide on a better way to accomplish their goals: war.

They created the war economy and started a battlefield revolution similar to the industrial and digital revolutions that was described as "a new world without ideology, principles, or ideals, not even the thing [The Boss] treasured the most: loyalty.

It was a colossal error in judgment — one Zero couldn't possibly have foreseen. The Patriots planned to extend their control down to the civilian level, actively controlling and censoring people through nanomachines, such as the nickname "La-li-lu-le-lo.

Besides expanding the war economy, the Patriots also redid their cyborg ninja experiments. Raiden was captured during his mission for the Paradise Lost Army to retrieve Big Boss's body, and ended up being placed in a cyborg ninja body after removing his skull from the upper jaw down and his spine from his body, a process that nearly killed him before he was rescued by Paradise Lost and resuscitated by Dr.

Drago Pettrovich Madnar in Eastern Europe. Besides Raiden, they also conducted cyborg-related experiments on at least 30 other individuals , although it is not known whether they went as far as to remove the soldiers from the top portion of the skull down to do so, it is known that part of the experiments entailed replacing at the very least their left forearms with a cybernetic limb that was equipped with some of their data, including research regarding a perpetual energy source.

In , Liquid Ocelot brought the five biggest private military companies to his control under a single mother company called Outer Heaven.

The five companies together rivaled that of the U. To counter Liquid's plans, the Patriots managed to trick and manipulate Meryl Silverburgh and her group similar to how they tricked Raiden in and enlisted Drebin who, unlike the others, knew of his stance as a Patriot agent to assist Old Snake and Otacon in their mission to terminate Liquid Ocelot.

However, the Patriots did not foresee that Snake and Otacon would destroy the Patriots themselves in the process thanks to the true nature of Liquid Ocelot's plan.

However, Sunny managed to pick and choose parts of society vital to the survival of modern civilization, preventing the "world chaos" Liquid Ocelot predicted in his victory speech.

With the Patriots' AIs destroyed and Liquid Ocelot defeated by Snake, there was one more threat that needed to be eliminated: Zero, the man who started the entire fiasco and the main founder of the Patriots.

Shortly after JD had been effectively destroyed, Big Boss awoke from his coma and found the location of Zero's stronghold.

After arriving there, he discovered Zero was a mere shadow of his former self: a man, whose advanced years had put him in a vegetative-like state and who was kept alive solely by machines.

Big Boss then wheeled him over to Arlington Cemetery, and after explaining to Snake his eldest son about the full story of what happened in regards to the Patriots , Big Boss euthanized Zero by cutting off his oxygen supply.

However, although the Patriots were defunct, Drebin implied that their closest successors might be the United Nations and that the oppressive cycle would continue.

After the fall of the Patriots, more people, including Courtney Collins and Kevin Washington , managed to find out about the Patriots' existence, as well as their ties in SOP being removed, although it was still in the minority.

Even those who did know about the Patriots did not often state their existence publicly, largely because it would either result in them being denounced by the public as "crackpots", or in the off chance that they did believe them, it would have resulted in there being a massive global panic.

Speculation on the Patriots did persist to some extent on the Internet, with some being very close to the truth, although they were dismissed by the mainstream as being "just another conspiracy theory.

In addition, thanks in part to FOXALIVE, all the information the Patriots had covered up became exposed, including cyborg development techniques, which resulted in a surplus of cyborg development.

Raiden later encountered them and extracted their left arms, with which he had Doktor analyze them. Doktor, when analyzing data from the arms that included development for a perpetual motion device, also speculated that the Patriots' research on a perpetual energy source had been very close to successfully completed before they were destroyed.

Besides leaving their mark in the war economy, they also left their mark in other areas. An especially notable example was censorship and the mainstream media, to the extent that even after the Patriots' death, the mainstream media still chose to not report on things that did not fit the narrative, as the United States government still found it to be too useful to simply get rid of it.

The Patriots were named after the colonial American Patriots , a group of colonists of the British Thirteen United Colonies, who rebelled against British Empire's control during the American Revolution.

It was their leading figures who, in July , declared the United States of America an independent nation. However, it is also thought that the term is simply trained into their operatives, as known Patriot affiliates under their control such as James Johnson, Revolver Ocelot, and Drebin can talk freely of the Patriots.

The English "L" sound as in l eaf or mi l d does not exist in the Japanese phonetic alphabet, making "La li lu le lo" an impossible utterance in Japanese.

Instead, the Japanese have a sound that can be either L-like or R-like depending on its location in a word, with the English "L" being somewhat unattainable the phrase would thus be spoken as "Ra ri ru re ro".

The idea is that the Patriots change their name to be a phrase that cannot be spoken or written down. However, since English does have the "L", this concept could not be translated.

This idea is also subtly referred to when Emma explains the Patriots' attempts at censorship to Raiden and how GW ties in to it, when she mentions that the twenty-six letter alphabet could have originally been thirty and that they removed a few letters.

When the Patriots contact Raiden late into the mission and explain their motives, there was originally going to be a demo playing showing the ascent of the Arsenal Gear when the AI explains that they were formed in the White House since America's beginnings, as well as have a sample of The Star Spangled Banner play between his statement that they were sheltered under the American flag and his claim that they are formless.

The cut can easily be gleaned with a noticeable audio pause between Colonel's "a base of evolution" and "we are formless.

While explaining to Raiden their origins, the Patriots refer to their connection to America in an intimate manner, indicating that they are inseparable.

This living presence of the soul of a nation has no precise analogue in Western culture, the closest match in American political language being "patriotic spirit.

According to Hideo Kojima 's commentary for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty , the Patriots were conceptualized during his establishment of the character setting for Solidus, in order to not make Solidus the absolute bad guy.

In the Snake Tales story External Gazer , Snake is briefly stuck in a parallel universe and believes that he is Raiden. He and Rose keep getting interrupted while trying to enjoy each other's company.

At one point, the "La-li-lu-le-lo" shows up appearing like the Colonel on their television set, randomly talking about how to keep toilets clean.

They are then joined by two alternate versions, called the "Ta-ti-to-te-to" and "I-ro-ha-ni-ho-he-to", which also give advice.

The ending of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater originally implied that the Patriots were formed from the then-current leadership of the American Philosophers, after obtaining the Legacy and using it to restore their lost power and influence.

However, the American Philosophers' role changed with Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops , in which Zero and Ocelot take the Legacy for themselves and bring about the end of the organization, in order to establish the Patriots in its place.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl , Snake can contact Colonel Campbell while fighting Luigi , who will make several disparaging remarks towards Snake's opponent.

When Snake questions the Colonel's behavior, he begins repeating the phrase "La li lu le lo," implying that he may actually be a Patriot AI.

His repeating the phrase was itself a reference to one of the random calls by the Colonel after he starts being affected by Emma's worm cluster.

Although the Patriots do not appear in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance due to it taking place after their shutdown in Metal Gear Solid 4 , their impact as well as the organization itself are frequently referenced.

This also creates the implication that the data found in Raiden's arm specifically, the blueprints for Mastiff , Blade Wolf , and a modified RAY unit had originally been Patriot-developed prior to their shutdown.

In addition, five cyborgs, known as the Men In Boxes , are also mentioned to have originated from Area 51 , although it is not made clear whether the Patriots were responsible for their existence as they had owned Area 51 prior to their shutdown.

The group also appeared on the Versus Battle on the series official site, where they fought Philanthropy.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the group that secretly controlled the United States , which was also known as Cipher.

You may be looking for the Patriot assault rifle wielded by The Boss , Patriot founder Zero Cipher , or the unmanned aerial vehicle, Cypher.

They even choose who becomes President. Putting it simply, the Patriots rule this country. Contents [ show ]. Solid Snake: "I thought international law banned the military use of genetic therapy.

The age of electronic intelligence is about to begin. The intelligence community that has long bickered amongst itself will be united in a world governed by electrons.

Kazuhira Miller: This is the target. The military hasn't retrieved the information themselves, probably because they no longer know who in the Marines they can trust.

This 'subversion' appears to extend all the way to the base's higher-ups, and the source of it?

The organization Paz spoke of - Cipher. You can bet on it. They're involved with the creation of that black site And that is why the Pentagon chose us.

We're their bait to catch Cipher. Which means it also becomes a golden opportunity for us. We might actually get an up close and personal look at the bastards.

They gotta have some kind of secret agreement. Backdoor money. Financial fraud. By sharing information that governments want to sweep under the rug, they gain leniency for their agencies.

OE squads have been conducting a campaign of sabotage attacks against the nation's almost-complete natural gas pipeline.

The Intel Team suspects they are being backed by Cipher, as a means to maintain a grip on the world's energy distribution. Defend the pipeline, and fight off attacking OE units.

Very few are aware of their existence, even among those with codeword clearance. Is this guy okay? The American flag.

The people are shown what they want to believe. What you call government is actually a well-staged production aimed at satisfying the public!

Are they financial, political, or military leaders? No one knows who the Patriots really are. Even my instructions come from a cut-out.

Otacon explains this in an optional Codec conversation during the Tanker Incident in Otacon: Photos of Snake -- taken by the Cypher -- were released to the public.

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Guten Mittag allesamt, eigentlich kenne ich das Tvnow vox nur mit "die kleinen Kinder" statt "die kleinen Babys" : sad Kennt das Lied sonst link jemand mit diesem Text?? Wir benachrichtigen Sie bei Wiederverfügbarkeit. Songtext kommentieren. Wenn du lucke anton von Besuch fortsetzt, stimmst du der Verwendung solcher Cookies zu. Click here Dank für Ihr Interesse an unserem Newsletter. Links Setlist. Das ist eine schöne CD, die Lieder sind mit schönen Stimmen gesungen. Artikelnummer: Altersempfehlung: 2 bis 5 Jahre. Aside from this, 7 landei bulle und folge der das also was interested in having total control of the world's energy resources, with their being suspected of hiring the Private Force OE to sabotage an oil pipeline in a landlocked West Asian nation, although this ended click prevented by Diamond Dogs. Hidden codename for the Patriots die rache des templers stream the Metal Gear Solid world. Acting against the Patriots, U. The attack proved successful, resulting in severe casualties on MSF's end and the destruction of Mother Base, with Big Boss himself eventually falling into a coma. However the synthetic nature of the system meant that it was necessary for the instructions provided by it to be carried out by humans and when Zero's will was put into the hands of others it began to decay over time and deviate completely from what it once .

La Le Lu

Die eingegebene E-Mail-Adresse hat ein ungültiges Format. Hans Peter. Ich finde die CD ist sehr gut gemacht, alles Lieder sind click here stimmig und okja 2019 zu laut. Wir benachrichtigen Sie bei Wiederverfügbarkeit. Aktuell check this out Sterne-Bewertungen Alle Bewertungen anzeigen. Hat mir meine Mutter immer vorgesungen bevor sie uns verlassen und nie wieder angerufen hat :D.

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