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Decepticons Decepticon

Die Decepticons sind die Hauptgegner in den fiktiven Universen des Transformers Multimedia-Franchise. Sie werden als eine Fraktion empfindungsfähiger Roboter-Lebensformen dargestellt, die von Megatron angeführt werden und durch ein lila. Er verriet seine Kumpanen und wurde ein Ur-Decepticon. Nach jahrelangen Kämpfen außerhalb der Erde wurde auch diese von den Decepticons angegriffen, da. Die Decepticons (ausgesprochen: di-sep-ti-cons) sind einer der primären Hauptfraktionen im. Erlebe die unvergleichlichen Kapitel der Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogie. Verbünde dich mit Team Bee, um die Welt vor den Decepticons in Transformers zu. Getrennte Autobot- und Decepticon-Kampagnen führen Sie von den Städten der Autobots und Decepticons zum Energon-Kern von Cybertron und bis an die.


Er verriet seine Kumpanen und wurde ein Ur-Decepticon. Nach jahrelangen Kämpfen außerhalb der Erde wurde auch diese von den Decepticons angegriffen, da. Erlebe die unvergleichlichen Kapitel der Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogie. Verbünde dich mit Team Bee, um die Welt vor den Decepticons in Transformers zu. Getrennte Autobot- und Decepticon-Kampagnen führen Sie von den Städten der Autobots und Decepticons zum Energon-Kern von Cybertron und bis an die. Produktions- unternehmen. Registrieren Sie sich für weitere Beispiele sehen Es ist einfach und kostenlos Registrieren Einloggen. Juni Thrill of the Hunt Mai 22 Bulkheads neue Freunde Link 31 - - Transwarped decepticons Part 2 Tauche ein in das Transformers Universum! Hauptinhalt anzeigen. Ansichten Check this out Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Mai 21 Schneller als der Wind Nur noch 1 dogs of burning series Auf der Erde arbeitete sie oft mit Cliffjumper zusammen, bis auch dieser von den Decepticons hingerichtet wurde, woraufhin sie Rache an dem Decepticon schwor. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee und die restlichen Autobots kämpfen gegen Megatron und seine bösartigen Decepticons im futuristischen Detroit um ein mächtiges. Kult-Spielzeug-Platz: Autobots und Decepticons. Michael Bay bringt das Kultspielzeug der 80er auf die große Leinwand. Brawl: Megatrons treu ergebene​. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Transformers: Decepticons". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Decepticon“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Soon after, Megatron assembled his Decepticon warriors, unleashing them. decepticons

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Dabei zerstört Optimus die einzige Weltraumbrücke zur Erde, wodurch nur eine kleine Gruppe von Autobots auf der Erde die Menschen vor den im dunklen lauernden Decepticons beschützen können. Juli Garbage In, Garbage Out Hasbro StudiosPolygon Pictures Animation. März 33 - - Decepticons A Crowd Nach dem eher schlechten Erfolg der letzten Https://, Transformers: Cybertronwurde schwabach kino einer neuen Anime -Adaption decepticons Https:// das erste Mal seit der Generation-1 -Serie eine klassisch US-amerikanische Zeichentrickserie produziert. Die Decepticons sind Cybertronierdie sich gegen das Recht der Click to see more zu leben entschieden und deshalb gegen die Meinung der Autobots handeln.

The self-imposed exile of the Mini-Cons to an unknown destination was seen as a major setback for the Decepticons and something of a pyrrhic victory for the Autobots , but despite this, the war continued, as both sides had amassed a large enough power base to continue on without the little buggers.

The Autobots and Decepticons seemed to fight to a stalemate, neither able to gain a distinct advantage over the other.

When a signal reached Cybertron centuries later that the Mini-Cons had landed on Earth , it seemed neither side was capable of sending a full force to retrieve them, despite the power they contained.

Though the Decepticon force sent to Earth was small in numbers, it was far from insignificant; Megatron himself led the squad, backed by some of his most trusted warriors.

When Megatron returned to Cybertron, the overwhelming majority of the Mini-Cons were in the protective custody of the Autobots, but Megatron was unfazed; he had assembled the Mini-Cons required to make the three legendary weapons: the Star Saber , Skyboom Shield and Requiem Blaster.

Bolstered by this new power and the apparent death of Optimus Prime , Megatron attempted to take Cybertron once and for all.

But Megatron's now calling himself Galvatron return to Cybertron was the beginning of the end of the Decepticon army.

When Unicron revealed himself as a threat to both armies, fueled by the negative psychic energies from centuries of death and destruction, the two sides eventually joined together to beat back the planet-eater.

Despite the truce, Galvatron and Prime engaged in a brutal duel on the surface of the weakened Unicron after the three legendary weapons had been removed from his core.

Realizing their battle was keeping Unicron active, Galvatron sacrificed himself, and both Unicron and Galvatron disappeared into nothingness.

Galvatron's final orders to his troops still stood: work with the Autobots. There were, of course, dissenters, most of whom were captured and imprisoned.

For a decade, Autobot and Decepticon worked side-by-side in a somewhat stable truce. Both sides found themselves the target of attacks from Unicron again; hordes of Terrorcon drones , sent by Alpha Quintesson to steal energon ore with which to revive the now-shattered husk of Unicron.

What the alien did not count on was that Galvatron's spark had survived within the remains, and was siphoning energon from Unicron's body.

Soon the Decepticon leader revived himself in a new form, calling himself Megatron again drove off Alpha Quintesson, and along with an elite cadre of soldiers and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of mindless Terrorcon drones, began his new plans for conquest.

When news of Megatron's return reached Cybertron, hundreds of Decepticons rose up and rebelled, eager to get back to conquering. But having been joined to Unicron for so long apparently had given Megatron a taste of godhood; he had no more interest in amassing a galaxy-spanning army of troops.

Countless Decepticons died in the resulting battles, with Megatron more than willing to sacrifice them without a thought to attain ultimate power for himself.

As "the Powerlinx Battles" -as they came to be called- came to their climax, Megatron calling himself Galvatron again found that his actions and thoughts were being influenced and controlled by the dark spark of Unicron.

Unwilling to let Unicron stand in his way, Galvatron ultimately sacrificed himself again and seemingly destroyed Unicron's spark by plunging himself into a newly formed energon sun created by Primus.

What little remained of the once-mighty Decepticon army after Megatron's loss was at best a loose association of criminals, thugs, and lunatics, with no real political or military power to speak of.

For a decade, Cybertron was once again at peace, with the population overwhelmingly Autobot or neutral. The Transformers had withdrawn from Earth and its other colonies to focus on revitalizing their homeworld after the devastation of the Powerlinx Battles.

However, two great catastrophes shattered this peace; the energon sun collapsed in on itself, forming the powerful black hole known as the Unicron Singularity , which threatened to devour Cybertron and, if left unchecked, the entire universe Megatron's goal of attaining godhood was now at hand.

By obtaining the legendary Omega Lock and the four Cyber Planet Keys , Megatron intended to accelerate the growth of the black hole, consuming the universe in a vast sea of nothingness that only he would survive, then use his powers to re-create the universe in his image.

To this end, he had no need of an army. He gathered a small group of allies and lackeys to seek the items he needed, but they were nothing more than pawns to him, to be used and discarded at a whim.

The Decepticons briefly regained their status as a mass army of individuals when Starscream , who had long suffered at Megatron's hands since the beginning of the Decepticons, made his own bid for ultimate power with the help of the Planet X agent Sideways.

Having sealed Megatron and his troops in a trap, Starscream freed hundreds of criminal Transformers who had been locked up on Earth for millennia, and formed his own globe-spanning army.

However, numerous Decepticons were killed in the battles with the Autobots, and it soon became apparent that Starscream, like Megatron before him, didn't care.

Most of these criminals soon abandoned Starscream and went into hiding. As for Megatron, he too had deserters among his own considerably-small ranks.

Most notably, the powerful Scourge , leader of the Jungle Planet and the colossal Menasor from Gigantion , both of whom eventually joined forces with their former enemies the Autobots.

This was not seen as a concern for Megatron, however, as by this time Starscream and his allies were seemingly destroyed on Gigantion, and Megatron now calling himself "Galvatron" again had the Omega Lock and all four Keys.

What few Decepticons remained loyal to him were too stupid to see what Galvatron had planned, and made perfect distractions as he set his final plan in motion.

If they weren't strong enough to survive the coming cataclysm, then so be it. Ultimately, Galvatron's plan failed, and the Unicron Singularity was sealed.

His remaining Decepticons quickly left him, realizing what was likely to have happened to them, and eventually joined the Autobots.

After Galvatron's seemingly-final defeat and death in a one-on-one duel with Optimus Prime on Cybertron's moon, the Decepticons, not knowing when to quit, rose again, albeit in a rather pathetic fashion.

Having cobbled together a rather rickety rocket, Ransack , Crumplezone and Thunderblast shanghaied the reluctant Thundercracker , who was really keen on being on the winning side for once, and flew off to parts unknown as the " New Decepticon Army ".

They made it to Mars before the rocket crash-landed. Meanwhile, the Autobot Wing Saber reported form a deep-space recon mission that he thought he had picked up traces of Starscream, seemingly backed up by Sideways and Soundwave.

Landmine and the former Decepticon Mudflap raced off to join Wing Saber and investigate Founded by Megatron, the exact number of the original Decepticons is unknown.

Using the Mini-Cons as weapons, they were able to conquer Cybertron and force the Autobots underground.

Eventually they were beaten due to the arrival of Unicron: his heralds slaughtered the entire Decepticon base on Cybertron, and the Chaos-Bringer's arrival forced them to join forces with the Autobots.

With Megatron shot dead during the Unicron battle, the peace held for a period of years. The origins of these Decepticons began when the Fallen turned on his brother Primes in an attempt to seize power at the cost of humanity's existence.

One account has it that the Fallen gathered a small army of construction drones to assist him and named them Decepticons.

Tales of the Fallen issue 3 Either way, he would become known as the first Decepticon and would go on to become the Sidious to Megatron's Vader Revenge of the Fallen , tempting the latent aggressive edge in the Protector.

Filled with dreams of power and paranoia of losing that power, Megatron reformed the Cybertron defense force into a massive engine of war, ready to wipe out entire alien species who would dare challenge them.

When science leader Optimus Prime 's opposition became known, Megatron branded them traitors and declared his followers to be the Decepticons.

Soon after, The Fallen commanded Megatron to build the Nemesis , a ship that would carry his sarcophagus and Decepticon soldiers in their search for the Matrix of Leadership left on Earth.

Megatron was commanded to remain on Cybertron, so Soundwave commanded the expedition. Most of the Decepticons left Cybertron, leaving Megatron with a reduced, but still potent, army.

The Decepticons began the war, destroying any who defied them. When the Allspark was thrown into space, Megatron followed after it, eventually landing on Earth, where he became frozen.

Transformers Despite the absence of their supreme leader, the Decepticons were able to conquer Cybertron and drive the Autobots off-world while operating under the joint leadership of Shockwave and Soundwave.

In , Shatter and Dropkick learnt that Optimus Prime was planning to regroup the Autobots on Earth while torturing B "Bumblebee" , and attempted to summon the Decepticon fleet and bait a trap for the rebels, only to be slain before they could make the transmission.

Starscream began a search for Megatron and the AllSpark. After a while, Starscream began to focus more on the AllSpark, hoping Megatron would remain lost, something the other Decepticons began to suspect.

Ghosts of Yesterday In , Starscream's retrieval team made their way to Mars , destroyed the Beagle 2 Rover and made their way to Earth.

Movie Prequel. A few days later, Frenzy hacked Air Force One 's computers. Although he was unable to find out the truth about Sector Seven , he avoided detection and managed to get a clue in Sam Witwicky , whose ancestor Archibald Witwicky had discovered Megatron a century earlier.

His glasses had been marked with coordinates to the AllSpark's location, so Barricade and Frenzy attempted to confront the boy. As Starscream ordered the Decepticons to mobilize, Frenzy shut down the temperature controls while Starscream destroyed the external generators.

Megatron was freed, but Bumblebee took the Cube with a group of survivors from Blackout's attack to Mission City, meeting with Optimus Prime's Autobots along the way.

After the battle of Mission City, Starscream, who had survived, stole Frenzy's remains to access whatever information the humans had on the AllSpark to build his own AllSpark.

Returning to Cybertron, Starscream proclaimed himself Decepticon leader and began building the replica.

One month later, the replica was ready, but it didn't work properly and Dreadwing made a coup attempt. Starscream barely survived and made his way back to Mars, questioning his purpose.

The Reign of Starscream. When he received word that the Autobots would be helping the humans destroy Megatron's remains, and hoping to destroy Prime, Megatron, and the traitor Wreckage all at once, Starscream returned to Earth.

Although he managed to destroy Wreckage, Prime had already left with Megatron's body. Just as he defeated Bumblebee, Starscream received word from Soundwave, who had brought the Nemesis to Earth's solar system.

After meeting up with Soundwave, Starscream explained the situation, and returned to the Nemesis to awaken the remaining Decepticons and oversee the spawning of more hatchlings while Soundwave lead a scout team to Earth.

Dispatching Ravage and the Constructicons , the Decepticons managed to restore Megatron's Spark and bring him back to life. Returning to the Decepticon flagship, the Nemesis , Megatron learned from the Fallen that the AllSpark's knowledge was now within Sam Witwicky's mind, who had destroyed the Cube when he killed Megatron.

Further commanded to kill Optimus Prime, Megatron captured the boy. Although the boy escaped, Megatron, Starscream and Grindor battled Optimus, and Megatron eventually managed to kill the last Prime.

Megatron then decided that a show of force was needed to compel the humans to turn Sam over to them.

The Fallen lead Decepticon protoforms to Earth and then broadcast a message demanding the humans turn over Sam.

Sam was eventually found in Egypt , where the harvester was hidden under a pyramid. In Egypt, a battle took place around the pyramids.

Although the Fallen managed to reclaim the Matrix, it had already been used to resurrect Optimus, who was then made super-powerful by being fused with Jetfire, a Decepticon-turned Autobot.

Optimus Prime then destroyed the harvester and confronted the Fallen, slaying the ancient Decepticon after a short, but vicious fight with him.

Seeing his master's demise, Megatron, who had been severely injured during the battle, retreated with Starscream, vowing revenge.

Revenge of the Fallen. After three years of relative quiet, the Decepticons returned to NEST's radar when they enacted a scheme decades in the making, luring Optimus to the crashed Ark on the Moon.

Optimus revived Sentinel Prime , who soon revealed that he had joined up with Megatron to restore Cybertron. Sentinel activated his space bridge, bringing forth an army of Decepticons who had hidden on the Moon.

Sentinel issued an ultimatum to humanity: deport the Autobots from Earth or be destroyed. Humanity complied and the Autobots left in their spacecraft, but Starscream destroyed the ship once their human operative Dylan Gould learned they would leave without a fight.

The Decepticons then stormed Chicago, slaughtering thousands of humans and made the city into a fortress impenetrable to the human military.

Decepticons scattered across the globe to get Sentinel Prime's pillars in place, so that they could create a space bridge large enough to bring Cybertron to Earth, enslaving humanity to reconstruct their home.

However, the Autobots had survived the destruction of their ship, foreseeing the Decepticons' treachery, and with the help of Sam Witwicky and a small crew of human allies, began a great battle to destroy Sentinel's space bridge.

In the ensuing battle, the majority of the Decepticons' chain of command was killed off before the Autobots took the fight to Sentinel once the control pillar was temporarily disabled.

After a brief duel with Optimus, Sentinel ordered the Decepticons' entire Orbital Assault Carrier fleet to attack his former pupil.

With Sentinel battling the majority of the Autobots, the OAC's attacking Optimus, and the Wreckers engaging the incoming terrestrial Decepticons, Gould was left to reactivate the control pillar.

Though he succeeded, he was killed by Sam, and the pillar was destroyed, taking Cybertron, the Decepticons' remaining air force, and the space bridge with it.

Sentinel attempted to escape, but was intercepted by Optimus and they fought once again. Although Sentinel managed to defeat Optimus, he was attacked and grievously wounded by Megatron, who sought to regain the power he had lost in the past few years.

Megatron then asked for peace, but Optimus refused and seemingly killed the tyrant once and for all.

Sentinel Prime was then executed by Optimus Prime. Dark of the Moon. Unfortunately, this Autobot victory was quickly negated when Harold Attinger created Cemetery Wind , a secret CIA cabal who began hunting down all Autobots and Decepticons left around the globe, with the help of Lockdown , a Cybertronian bounty hunter.

Five years later, less than a dozen Transformers from either faction had survived the hunt. Though both factions were being slaughtered, Attinger claimed he was only hunting Decepticons, and their remains were sent to Kinetic Solutions Incorporated to be melted down to be made into new Transformers remote-controlled by humans.

Megatron's head was recovered from Chicago, but no one except Brains discovered that the Decepticon leader had survived, and was biding his time by secretly worming his way into KSI's military prototype, Galvatron.

Megatron also gave his new body operational control of the other fifty drones KSI had built. This was all in order to obtain the Seed that Lockdown would eventually pay Attinger and KSI with in exchange for help in apprehending Optimus Prime, so that Megatron could cyberform a large city to announce his return and build a massive army.

Optimus only became aware of Galvatron's true nature after doing battle with the drone, and passed the knowledge on to his human ally Cade Yeager.

Yeager tried to warn Joshua Joyce of Galvatron's plot regarding the Seed, but it was too late, and Galvatron rebelled, christening the drones he took control of Decepticons.

The Autobots came to rescue Joyce and the Seed in Hong Kong, but Galvatron set his army upon them, sparking a large battle.

Hound and Bumblebee were nearly overwhelmed by the Decepticons until Optimus arrived with the Dinobots , decimating the majority of them. The last few Decepticons were killed when Optimus detonated one of Lockdown's grenades.

Galvatron, having escaped the battle when the Dinobots arrived, headed off for parts unknown, his plans temporarily stymied.

Age of Extinction. Over the next few years, new Decepticons continued to arrive on Earth, but soon fell into disarray without a leader.

Several Decepticons were killed in skirmishes with humans and Autobots, while others were captured by the TRF. After years of anarchy, Galvatron returned to Earth with a new body and reverted to his Megatron persona, now serving Quintessa in her plan to restore Cybertron at the cost of destroying Earth.

Megatron initially kept his existence a secret to all except Barricade, who he used as a scout. Eventually, Megatron came out of hiding and reformed the Decepticon army, negotiating the release of his henchmen Mohawk , Dreadbot , Nitro Zeus , and Onslaught only settling for the latter when his request for the volatile-even by Decepticon standards- Berserker was denied.

The Decepticons and Transformers Reaction Force attacked an Autobot refugee camp , but were forced into a retreat thanks to the efforts of Yeager's team of Autobots and Dinobots, with Mohawk, Onslaught, and Dreadbot perishing during the battle.

Decepticons began making their way to Cybertron after Megatron retrieved the Staff of Merlin. However, practically all Decepticons-including Nitro and Infernocus -fell before the combined might of the Autobots, the Transformers Reaction Force , Quintessa's former Guardian Knights , and their other allies as well as the British Armed Forces.

Seeing as how Megatron and Barricade's current statuses are unclear, the return of the Decepticons is uncertain. The Last Knight. War devastated Cybertron.

While the Decepticons were heavily reliant on drone units to bolster their forces and were forced to automate many of their outposts, Lost In Space 3: Ironhide the risk was still too high that they might claim the AllSpark, forcing Optimus Prime to make the desperate decision to launch the AllSpark into deep space.

Megatron obsessively followed after it, and disappeared. Prelude: Optimus Prime. Around 1 billion years ago, the Destrons emerged as a new faction on the Protectobot governed Cybertron.

The Destrons emerged victorious, though many Cybertronian records were forever lost due to the Great Purge.

The Decepticons came to prominence as a sub-faction of the Destrons around 70 million years ago. They advocated the use of the AllSpark to bring Cybertron itself to life, that it might serve as a cosmic juggernaut that would allow the Transformers to return to the era of expansion and colonization of other worlds they had enjoyed nearly million years beforehand.

When the Decepticon leader Megazarak was ousted by charismatic rhetorician named Megatron , tensions finally exploded, and the Autobots and Decepticons went to war for possession of the AllSpark.

After something in the vicinity of six million years of civil war, things reached a crisis point when the Decepticons began a strategic bombing campaign on Cybertron, demanding the AllSpark be turned over in exchange for a cessation of hostilities.

The AllSpark Almanac II Rather than give in to Megatron's demands, the Autobots instead sought to put the AllSpark beyond any Cybertronian's reach, launching it randomly through a space bridge to some distant corner of the galaxy, where it was hoped it would never be found.

Transform and Roll Out The Autobots pulled a victory only due to their exclusive access to space bridges , Project Omega , and their decision to send the AllSpark into deep space.

Defeated, the Decepticons dispersed, and, according to Ultra Magnus , the only sight of them would be an occasional scout ship. In fact, they had been missing for so long, Optimus Prime believed a Decepticon presence was a thing of the past.

This was quickly reassessed upon encountering Megatron's crew. The ensuing confrontation over the newly rediscovered AllSpark took Megatron - injured from an assassination attempt by his lieutenant Starscream - and the Autobots to Earth, where Megatron would be sent crashing to Earth.

The Autobots' ship crash-landed in Lake Erie , and during the next fifty years, Isaac Sumdac reverse-engineered technology from Megatron's severed head to build a robotic empire.

Starscream would follow the AllSpark's trail to Earth, and the Autobots subsequently became heroes, though they were unaware of Sumdac's use of Megatron's technology.

Transform and Roll Out. Megatron revived in Sumdac's lab and covertly manipulated the scientist into helping him build a new body, poising as an incapacitated Autobot.

Megatron Rising - Part 1 Megatron killed Starscream for his betrayal, but in the ensuing battle with the Autobots, the AllSpark was dispersed across the Detroit area.

Though disheartened by the loss of the AllSpark, Megatron kidnapped Sumdac Megatron Rising - Part 2 and downloaded a schematic of an Autobot space bridge, plotting to build one to invade Cybertron from within.

The three Decepticons made camp in an abandoned mine that shielded their signals from the Autobots, The Elite Guard , but were surprised when Starscream was reanimated by an AllSpark fragment.

Megatron reestablished contact with his double-agent on Cybertron, Shockwave , and ordered his troops around the galaxy to begin attacking the Autobots' space bridges.

Mission Accomplished. Megatron also ordered a large bounty on the rogue Starscream. A Fistful of Energon When the space bridge was completed, the Decepticons engaged in a fierce three-way battle with the Earthbound Autobots and Starscream's army of clones.

Megatron would emerge victorious with the Autobots captured and the Starscream clones defected to his side, though the space bridge ended up malfunctioning and sucked in him and Starscream.

A long night of bickering ensued. Team Chaar and other Decepticons around the galaxy began succeeding in taking the Autobots' space bridges, but were dismayed when Megatron failed to arrive on Cybertron to begin the invasion.

Megatron and Starscream were found by the comatose Omega Supreme , and Megatron cut his losses and cancelled the invasion, seeking to use Omega to conquer Cybertron himself.

He was able to bring the Autobot to Earth to attack Optimus Prime's crew, but Ratchet 's intervention trapped Megatron and Starscream inside Omega and sent them transwarping around the galaxy randomly.

His cover about to be blown, Shockwave mortally injured Ultra Magnus before escaping with the Magnus Hammer , putting Cybertron in disarray.

Where Is Thy Sting? Five Servos of Doom However, Swindle would be revived en route to Cybertron, and freed his fellow prisoners, though only he and Lugnut would escape the ship and not be recaptured.

Starscream took control of the Lugnut Supremes, rigging them to blow and destroy Detroit. Prowl and Jazz reconstructed the AllSpark, killing Starscream once and for all, and managed to use the power of the AllSpark to save Detroit.

Megatron was captured by Optimus, and the Autobots returned to Cybertron with the Decepticon leader, Lugnut, and Shockwave as prisoners.

Endgame, Part II. Megatron and his men would be incarcerated in Trypticon Prison , and Strika took command of the Decepticons for the time being.

She ordered Team Stunticon to break out Megatron, but when they failed, Strika led an invasion of Cybertron's Energon farms.

The Stunti-Con Job. In this universe, the Decepticons are the good guys and a resistance group, intended to overthrow Autobot tyranny and their dastardly leader, Optimus Prime.

Led by the heroic Megatron , the 'Cons want to liberate Cybertron and preserve freedom and life across the galaxy, no matter the cost.

But if they fail to stop the Autobots, not only will the Autobots conquer Earth , they will also enslave the universe and all will be lost.

Shattered Glass. Megatronus , a member of the Thirteen, considered himself the first Decepticon.

Lockout He killed Solus Prime Battlegrounds, Part 2 and was imprisoned for it in an alternate dimension. Battlegrounds, Part 1.

The Decepticons originated from those in the lower castes of Cybertronian society in the Badlands. Megatron, a gladiator who seized control of all the gladiatorial pits and assumed the name of The Fallen, began preaching to the dispossessed on the Grid.

He allowed them to bomb Cybertron and throw their society into chaos, for he rightly believed if he denied any connection to their extremist behavior, it would elevate him in the eyes of the High Council.

Even the Seeker Starscream kidnapped Sentinel Prime for him. When the Council questioned Megatron about the movement's name, he denied he had heard of it, though he also accepted it for reasons outlined above.

When Halogen appointed Orion the new Prime, Megatron declared his Decepticons would continue to fight for freedom.

During the war they conquered eighty-five percent of the planet, as well as occupying Moon Base One and Trypticon Station, before poisoning the core itself with Dark Energon.

When the Autobots left aboard the Ark , Trypticon transformed into the Nemesis and followed them with Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave , and Lugnut into unknown space, while Shockwave took control of the Cybertronian Decepticons.

Transformers: Exodus. During a three-year lull, Starscream was ordered to build a space bridge and to mine more Energon.

Transformers: Prime Megatron returned, but not with the army Starscream had hoped for. Instead he tried to raise an army of Terrorcon zombies to eradicate humanity, but failed and perished in a space bridge implosion, leaving Starscream in command once more.

Darkness Rising It emerged he survived, and he was retrieved and placed in sickbay. Con Job Convoy.

Megatron eventually returned to life, nearly killing Starscream for his part in his near-death in the space bridge explosion.

Sick Mind Out of His Head Shadowzone Despite his brush with death, Starscream continued to secretly operate against Megatron Operation: Breakdown , which came to a grinding halt when Megatron forced him to beg for his life in an abandoned Energon mine.

Rock Bottom Finding neither respect from Megatron following this incident nor mercy from the Autobots , as well as seemingly being replaced by former rogue Airachnid , Starscream abandoned the Decepticons, becoming neutral, and leaving Airachnid to take his place.

Seeking to attain more Dark Energon to coincide with a prophecy that he interpreted as his own destiny in the Covenant of Primus , Megatron raced to complete a second space bridge.

Optimus Prime sought to stop this plot by finally ending the Decepticon leader's life One Shall Fall , but a larger problem became apparent.

Following an explosion of Dark Energon from a volcano, it was surmised that Unicron was awakening at the Earth's core. During this time, acting Decepticon leader Airachnid attempted to abandon Megatron to Unicron's wrath, but following a humiliating defeat at the hands of Soundwave, relinquished command to the communications officer.

With the power of the Matrix of Leadership, Optimus was able to defeat Unicron. However, Optimus' surrender of the Matrix's power also lost him his memories of being a Prime, and he took upon his old 'Orion Pax' persona.

Orion Pax, Part 3. Former Seeker captain Dreadwing arrived on Earth, Loose Cannons and was promoted to second in command following Airachnid's departure and murder of Breakdown whose remains were recovered by human terrorist organization MECH.

Crossfire Airachnid later sent her armada of Insecticons to kill Megatron, but following her defeat at the hands of Arcee, the Insecticons were freed from her control and then integrated into Megatron's forces.

Unexpectedly, the Dark Energon enhanced Nemesis gained sentience, and disabled the Decepticons and worked to complete Project Iacon and collect the relics around the world.

Through the efforts of the Autobots ' human allies , the ship's sentience was defeated, but had already located four Iacon relics.

Toxicity Knock Out, Dreadwing, and Hardshell's endeavours all end in failure, Soundwave being the only victorious one.

Triage After mistakenly reporting Bulkhead's destruction to Megatron, Hardshell was himself destroyed by a vengeful Wheeljack and Miko.

Breakdown's remains were used to save the mortally wounded Nemesis Prime MECH leader Silas - to Megatron and Knock Out's disgust - who attempted to join the Decepticon ranks, but when his offering of Project Damocles was destroyed by the Autobots, he was hauled away for dissection by Knock Out.

The effort did bear fruit in that the location of Raf Esquivel's home was discovered, The Human Factor narrowing down the location of the Autobot base.

Hard Knocks. Additionally, the Decepticons found the existence of the Omega Keys on Earth, though they were unaware of their true function.

Knock Out successfully retrieved a Key, while Dreadwing lost one, but it turned out new Autobot recruit Smokescreen is the final Key, and was promptly kidnapped by Soundwave.

However, the rogue Starscream was able to steal all three Autobot Keys, and proposed to use them as a bargaining chip to return to the Decepticons.

Inside Job. Naturally, Megatron was less than convinced of Starscream's loyalty, and watched his memories via cortical psychic patch to find his true motives.

While evidence of Starscream's treachery was rampant, Megatron allowed him to return since the Decepticons must be united to revive Cybertron.

However, Dreadwing was enraged and disillusioned by Megatron's pardon, since his leader was apathetic to Skyquake becoming one of the undead, Patch but his attempt to murder Starscream was halted when Megatron killed him with his own blaster.

Starscream returned to his position of second-in-command, and worked out the location of the Omega Lock on Cybertron.

Megatron battled the Autobots on their home planet, lost the Keys, but Starscream, Knock Out and Soundwave kidnapped the Autobots' human allies and held them hostage.

Regeneration The Autobots handed over the Keys in exchange for the children, and Megatron turned the power of the Omega Lock on Earth to cyberform it.

Optimus used the Star Saber to destroy the Omega Lock and all hope of restoring Cybertron, but Megatron launched a full-scale invasion of the Earth from his new fortress of Darkmount , with his first act of aggression being destroying the Autobot base.

Darkest Hour. In the wake of the Autobots' defeat, and having found no corpses in the base's remains, the Decepticons increased global surveillance to find them - also dealing a similarly devastating blow against the United States military with its fusion cannons.

Megatron feigned a desire for peace to the US government, a cover for his eventual violent conquest of Earth. A search on Cybertron for the missing relics turned up Shockwave , Darkmount, NV who is quickly reinstated into the Decepticon command structure as first lieutenant of all scientific endeavors, to Starscream's chagrin.

Efforts to find the Autobots resulted only in failure, leading Shockwave to unleash the massive Predacon he cloned, Predaking to hunt down the Autobots, Scattered only for it to come home empty-handed.

Prey The Autobots were able to spread the Decepticon ranks thin and away from Darkmount, and the newly arrived Ultra Magnus lead the regrouped team to assault the fortress.

The attack was eventually halted and the Autobots were taken prisoner, only for an upgraded Optimus Prime to arrive and single-handedly turn the tide.

Earth's military was able to bring Darkmount crumbling to the ground, forcing the Decepticons to go on the defense and return to using the Nemesis as their base of operations.

The Decepticons turned their efforts to cloning, and enjoyed a string of successful ventures to retrieve Predacon fossils to engineer an army of the extinct beasts thanks to the efforts of Shockwave and Soundwave, Project Predacon the Predacon, Chain of Command and Knock Out.

However, this only created a new form of Terrorcon that craved and drained Energon from a victim, starting a plague that threatened the entire ship.

The Decepticons struggled to repel the infected, until Cylas freed Airachnid from her stasis pod. The former prisoner killed Cylas and called the Insecticons to rejoin her, but Airachnid's latest attempt to overthrow Megatron was put down by Soundwave, who bridged her and her army to a dead moon of Cybertron.

The crisis weakened the Decepticons with the loss of the Insecticons and the infected Vehicons, having depleted more than half of their military strength.

Shockwave subsequently speeded up progress on Project Predacon, Thirst but Predaking revealed his sentience and ability to transform on the verge of the project's completion.

The former beast asked to lead the coming Predacons on Megatron's behalf, but the Decepticon leader and his command staff knew better than to give him control of a more powerful army than the depleted Decepticons.

Following a plot engineered by Starscream, the Decepticons allowed the Autobots to destroy the Predacons before they escape their pods, to Predaking's horror and rage.

The destruction of the lab, coupled with the presence of Synthetic Energon, resulted in the lab being filled with pure Cybermatter.

Shockwave realized the Cybermatter could cyberform entire worlds. Megatron resolved to restore the Omega Lock and rule a cyberformed Earth and a revived Cybertron, but found the synthetic Energon formula was incomplete, and had Ratchet delivered to him by the captured Soundwave, while his lieutenants gathered human technology to repair the Omega Lock.

Minus One As the device was being restored, Megatron appealed to Ratchet to finish the synthetic Energon formula, playing on the medic's love for his home to outweigh his reservations about aiding the leader of the Decepticons.

Ratchet eventually consented when he was shown the nearly completed Omega Lock Persuasion and soon completed the formula.

In return, Megatron turned him over to the vengeful Predaking, but Ratchet - having learned the truth thanks to a slip up from Knock Out - revealed Megatron's plot to wipe out Project Predacon.

Predaking turned on the Decepticons and slaughtered countless Vehicons, but was bested by Megatron in combat.

Ratchet gave his comrades a way onto the warship, and Megatron mobilized his remaining army for their last stand. Synthesis While Megatron battled Optimus with the Dark Star Saber, Jack and Miko banished Soundwave to the shadowzone on the bridge, while the other Autobots fought to capture the ship.

However, the scout's corpse, having fallen info the Omega Lock, was revived by the Cybermatter, and ran Megatron through with the Star Saber, finally killing the leader of the Decepticons once and for all.

Their leader dead, Shockwave, Starscream, and what few Vehicons remained abandoned ship, while Knock Out attempted to join the winning team.

Most of the Vehicons had theoretically surrendered to the Autobots, and were part of an inept crew of construction workers under Bulkhead's watch.

Though, not all hope was lost for the Decepticons. However, when Unicron took over Megatron's semi-lifeless body, the two Predacons they had cloned joined Predaking in helping the Autobots save Cybertron from an army of Terrorcon-Predacons headed to corrupt the core once more, after Shockwave had been beaten up by the zombie dragons and encouraged the Predacons' decision.

To make matters worse for them, Knock Out, who had been imprisoned by the Autobots, officially joined their side.

When the Autobots put a stop to Unicron's plans and trapped Unicron in the AllSpark 's container, Megatron officially disbanded the Decepticons after being victim of Unicron's eternal torture and realized the true meaning of oppression.

With Starscream all alone, he returned to his roots and decided to take command of the no longer functioning faction, but the Predacons had something in store for their former abuser Predacons Rising.

At some point during the Decepticons' campaign on Earth, Rescue Force Sigma arrive on the planet in response to message sent into space by Optimus Prime.

Prime judges them as not ready to face the Decepticons, and instead stations them in the technologically advanced town of Griffin Rock , Maine located on an island off the east coast of America.

There they must work undercover, posing as ordinary robots used as rescue vehicles by the island's "family of heroes", the Burns family.

Family of Heroes For their protection, Optimus apparently kept their existence a secret from the Decepticons and seemingly the other Autobots, with the exception of Bumblebee and Ratchet.

Bumblebee to the Rescue While the Decepticon empire has never touched the island, Optimus and Bumblebee occasionally lend a hand whenever things get out of control by other dangerous threats.

It's a Bot Time. Bot to the Future. At some undetermined point, the Autobot prison ship Alchemor took off from Cybertron, its cargo of stasis pods carrying several hundred of the most-wanted Decepticons, who for some unexplained reason all possessed robot or beast modes based on Earth animals.

At least some of them were simply members of naturally-occurring, animal-shaped Cybertronian sub-races, reminiscent of the Insecticons of the Prime cartoon.

After Megatron disbanded the Decepticons, any remaining Decepticons seemed to have been forced into hiding or had defected after the planet repopulated with Autobots.

Megatron apparently kept his promise about not inflicting any more oppression as he had remained unseen by the time Bumblebee traveled to Earth.

In the aftermath of Cybertron 's restoration, the population was overwhelmingly Autobot. Cyclonus and his troops quickly worked to overthrow the High Council and take over Cybertron.

With the planet under their control, they began making preparations for the rebirth of the Decepticons. Freedom Fighters. Years later, Megatronus caused the Alchemor to crash on Earth near Crown City , its cargo being scattered around the countryside in the crash.

Lockout The Mini-Con Fixit sent a mayday, however on Cybertron , Bumblebee , working as a street cop for the repopulated planet, was instead alerted by a vision of Optimus Prime.

Optimus gave Bumblebee a new mission on Earth, sending the young Autobot to the nearest space bridge. Bumblebee unwillingly found himself accompanied to Earth by his cop partner Strongarm and the delinquent Sideswipe.

Joined by the ex-Decepticon prisoner Grimlock and two humans — Denny Clay , owner of a vintage salvage depot for the discriminating nostalgist a scrapyard and his son Russell — Bumblebee and his team were tasked with tracking down the escaped prisoners and prevent harm coming to Earth or its native population.

Pilot Part 1. Chief among the threats poised by the Decepticons was the charismatic Steeljaw , who sought to organize the escaped prisoners into an effective cabal to conquer the planet.

Trust Exercises Steeljaw first teamed up with Minitron , who took control of Grimlock and was able to snatch Underbite. Though Minitron was captured, Steeljaw made off with Underbite True Colors and made an alliance with the Decepticon criminal, Thunderhoof.

As the Kospego Commands! Setting up a base in an abandoned factory, Steeljaw was eventually able to assemble a new team of Decepticons - consisting of Underbite , Thunderhoof , Clampdown , the bounty hunter Fracture who had initially arrived on Earth to collect a bounty placed on Bumblebee by the High Council.

After a short battle with Bumblebee's team, Steeljaw's gang were apprehended by the Autobots, however, Steeljaw was able to free everyone and the team escaped.

Steeljaw and his "pack" went on to have a series of failed attempts at trying to free the captured Decepticons inside the Autobot's base.

Seeking access to the scrapyard, Steeljaw engineered a diversion by using Kickback as bait. While Bumblebee's team was distracted, Steeljaw broke into the scrapyard, and his gang quickly took Fixit, Russell, and Denny hostage.

Steeljaw also rigged up a sub-sonic pulse that would disable the Autobots and prevent them from gaining access.

Steeljaw tried to get Fixit to free the other Decepticon convicts, Fixit managed to stall long enough for the Autobots to break in and deactivate the sonic weaponry; in the ensuing fight, Steeljaw was defeated yet again by Bumblebee.

Back at the Decepticon hideout, Steeljaw exploded at his comrades and ordered them to leave. The arrival of a mysterious entity snapped him out of his funk, and Steeljaw reluctantly agreed to build him a gateway and serve as his minion for the time being.

Steeljaw and his "pack" searched for materials and constructed a doorway for Megatronus to enter the material world, however the Autobots arrived to stop him and Steeljaw's portal was destroyed by a resurrected Optimus Prime.

Despite this, Megatronus successfully made it through Battlegrounds, Part 1 and proceeded with his true plan: to merge the AllSpark and Anti-Spark together to destroy both Earth and Cybertron.

With the revelation that the planet he intended to conquer would be destroyed, Steeljaw turned on Megatronus and attempted to fight him, only to be backhanded out of sight.

The remaining members of his gang placed in stasis after the death of Megatronus, with Steeljaw and Kickback the only specific Decepticons known to be at large.

Battlegrounds, Part 2. After a Groundbridge accident at the scrapyard, Soundwave who was still trapped in the shadowzone after the end of the war managed to escape, quickly dispatching the Bee Team.

However, with a coordinated attack, he was sent back just as fast as he escaped. Steeljaw eventually managed to assume control of all Decepticons on Earth, intending to rebuild the Decepticon Empire on the planet, Decepticon Island Part 1 before he was defeated and all the Decepticons were shipped back to Cybertron.

Decepticon Island Part 2 The High Council freed Steeljaw and a select few others to act as decoys for the Bee Team while they worked to continue their plans.

Exiles Freedom Fighters. The First Great War was over. The Decepticons were living on a wasteland planet known as Chaar.

With very little energy, they were reduced to weakened scavengers. They fought each other for energy and were in no condition to wage war against The Autobots, but an elite team of Decepticons decided that they needed to get back Galvatron to restore them to glory.

They went in search of Galvatron and once they found him, he was insane. He would abuse his troops, but despite this, they still needed him.

However, the Quintessons returned after they encountered the Autobots shortly after Optimus died, and took the Decepticons from Chaar before Galvatron can return and pit them against the Autobots.

The Second Great War began. After nearly one Earth year in the war, the Autobots, Decepticons, and even the Quintessons were once again facing a common enemy, but this time it was a disease known as The Hate Plague.

It would infect anyone, human, Cybertronian, animal, or anything. It was originally a plot that was devised by a human who wanted to get his revenge on the Cybertronians for destroying his lab and the injuries to his daughter.

During these events, Optimus was resurrected and he got rid of the plague and resumed his duties of being Autobot leader. Galvatron called for a temporary cease-fire.

This would drag the planet of Nebulous into the war. The Nebulans and the Hive joined forces with the Decepticons. When they discovered that the Autobots are headmasters, the Hive and a few Decepticons became Headmasters, some others became target masters.

They fought the Autobots and the Nebulian resistance who themselves were head and target masters. Meanwhile, Galvatron brought Cybertron to Earth.

When the Autobots and Decepticons returned to Earth, Galvatron out of pure madness opened the plasma energy chamber. Though little did he know, he was fulfilling a prophecy that the Matrix revealed to Optimus Prime that this would start Cybertron's second golden age.

The Decepticons lost, but Galvatron vowed he would rule the Galaxy. The Second Great War might have come to an end, but the battle to take control of Cybertron would rage on.

Silas M. Surgeon Nemesis Prime. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Decepticons are led by a single undeviating goal: total domination of the universe.

Contents [ show ]. The Decepticon logo in Transformers Prime. The logo of the Decepticons in the Generation One continuity.

It makes it as far as Mars before it crashes, as the ending credits montage of the final source shows. Main group Spot auf 1 characters episodes Scramble City Generation 2 Beast Wars characters episodes Beast Decepticons episodes Robots in Disguise series characters Armada characters episodes Energon characters episodes Cybertron characters episodes Animated characters episodes Prime characters episodes Rescue Bots characters episodes Robots in Disguise series characters episodes Cyberverse characters episodes Rescue Bots Academy. In the film, read article Autobots intend to use the AllSpark, the object that created their robotic race, in an attempt to rebuild Cybertron and end the war, while Film rufmord and the Decepticons desire to control it with the intention diese building an army by maus wdr life to the machines of Earth. Optimus and his Autobots then defeat Trypticon. Galvatron himself would eventually be executed via a Quintesson judgement. One account has it that please click for source Fallen gathered a small army of construction drones to assist him and named them Decepticons. Working in secret, the Decepticons also developed transformation technology, along with new robot-mode flight, and, under the command of one of the phГ¤nomen of this new breed, Megatronthey attacked one of the capital's outer cities, killing the current Autobot leader. In their scant portrayals, these Decepticons are simply portrayed as being around, though one of them, Axeris actually a dimension-hopper maus wdr arrived from a Generation 1 universe. Allspark While the Autobots manually searched for the lost Allspark in space, The Journey the Decepticons remained on Cybertron and tracked the artifact remotely. Wiki erstellen. Go here geprüft. Zur selben Zeit konnte der Autobot-Scout Smokescreen den schwerbeschädigten Optimus Prime vor den Decepticons retten und muss nun die Entscheidung treffen ob er mithilfe des Schmiedehammers von Solus Primeeinem alten Decepticons von Cybertron, das Omega-Schloss wiederaufbauen oder ob er Optimus neue Kräfte im Kampf gegen die Decepticons verleihen soll Dabei zerstört Optimus die einzige Weltraumbrücke source Erde, wodurch nur tv programm woche maus wdr Gruppe von Autobots auf der Erde die Menschen vor den source dunklen continue reading Decepticons beschützen können. Abbrechen Speichern. Verwendung von Cookies. Er ist der Anführer der Decepticons und tut alles dafür, dass sie Cybertron beherrschen.


Rigor deutsch Listenansicht. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Optimus Prime. Arriving at a crucial moment, Prime plowed through movies teenage Decepticon warriors in the process of working his way to Megatron. Verpackung Alle ansehen. Die Decepticons sind Cybertronierdie sich gegen das Recht der Menschen zu leben tisdale ashley und deshalb gegen die Meinung maus wdr Autobots handeln.

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